Indiana University Libraries Book Repair Manual

Pamphlet Binders

Our lab does a large amount of pamphlet binding, for music scores and other publications. We order binders with the security strip built in. This alleviates the need for our students to be ever-conscious of remembering to include one, and it saves a bit of time as well. We order binders in multiple sizes, and we use the type with clear covers for music scores.

Acid-Free Envelopes

These are affixed inside pamphlet binders and are used primarily for pamphlet-sized materials which are unsuitable for either stitching or stapling directly into the binders. The most common reason for this unsuitability is fragility, and for these materials a sleeve is also made to facilitate removing the item from and returning it to the envelope without damaging it.

Security/Detection Strip

These strips are concealed within books and enclosures as a security measure. They have a peel-off backing of release paper and are self-adhesive.