Indiana University Libraries Book Repair Manual

Adhesive Injection

Treatment Criteria:

This procedure is used specifically to treat the problem of buckled, wrinkled cover material resulting from water damage.

This large volume is covered in heavy library buckram. One corner has been wet, causing the release the adhesive bond between the board and cover material and in turn causing the cover material to wrinkle.

A syringe is filled with PVA mixture, and the adhesive is injected into the areas where the cover material is loose.

A shield of mylar is placed under the board to protect the text block from the adhesive. (The white areas are reflections of fluorescent ceiling lights.) The afflicted area is raked thoroughly with a bone folder, which serves to distribute the adhesive and to work the excess out through the holes that were made in the cover material by the syringe.

Another mylar shield is placed on top of the board.

A piece of scrap binder's board is placed on top, and the book is placed under weight for a few hours or overnight.

The finished board shows that the cover material has flattened back out nicely. This photo was glare-lighted to highlight the ridge where the board has swollen along what had been the tide line of the water. In this example, this isn't objectionable; the cover material is adhered tightly to it and this discrepancy doesn't warrant a more major repair. Our real objective here was to eliminate the threat of further damage by mere handling and use, and this has been accomplished. Thus, the book is ready to return to its collection.