Indiana University Libraries Book Repair Manual

Spine Label

Treatment Criteria:

When a book undergoes a treatment such as a spine repair, recase with spine repair, or new case, the spine of the old case is often either missing or unsalvageable. In this case, we make a new spine label. Also, the spine edges of clamshell boxes housing artist books normally get a label.

Tools Needed:

Materials Needed:

  • Acid-free Paper

The labels are laid out by the sheet in the computer, using a word processing program.

The sheets of labels are printed onto colored paper of two different neutral colors, a gray and a tan. A fixative is applied to keep the print from blurring when the label is adhered and rubbed down. We use Klucel G, applied with a brush, but a spray such as Krylon can be used as well. The labels are trimmed, using a knife and straight edge, and then each is adhered to its book/box, using PVA mixture. Waxed paper is placed over the spine and the label is smoothed down rigorously with a bone folder to ensure good adhesion to the spine.

And here are the books that received these labels.