Indiana University Libraries Book Repair Manual

Board Transplant

This treatment is not performed very often. Over the course of the past several years, we have only performed it a few times. The reason is that the problem it deals with is not a common one. Due to its connotations in the field of surgery, the term "transplant" may suggest this to be a major treatment to remedy serious damage. However, the "board transplant" is actually a fairly quick treatment that offers an effective solution to a relatively minor problem.

Treatment Criteria:

One or both boards of the case have been bent to the point of forming a crease in the board. The cover material is intact; only the board needs replaced.

First, the paste-down is cut along the inner edges of the super and turn-ins and is removed. The super and turn-ins are lifted from the board, using a microspatula.

The board is disengaged from the cover material.

A new board of identical size is cut.

PVA mixture is applied to one side of the new board and it is positioned on the cover material.

The super and turn-ins are fastened down with PVA mixture, and a new single-sheet paste-down is applied. The book is placed in a standing press or under a flat board and weights. It is removed the following day, at which time it is finished and once again ready to circulate.