Indiana University Libraries Book Repair Manual

Double-fan Adhesive Binding Press

This press is used to compress a book that has just received an in-house adhesive (quarter joint) binding. It holds the book firmly in place, but does not necessarily have to press the gutters to create deep hinges. Plastic-edged boards replace the metal edged ones used in the conventional finishing press. These boards can be flipped over to provide more or less pressure on the hinge. This allows the book to maintain its original shape, especially if it is a paperback that has just been put into a hard cover.

Double-fan Adhesive Binding Vise

The "quarter-joint" or "double-fan" adhesive binding we do in house involves the use of two special, made-for-the-purpose tools. The first of these is a vise and is used in the step following the chopping of the text block's spine. At this point, the text block is a jogged stack of loose leaves. This vise holds the text block firmly while the adhesive and super are applied.