Indiana University Libraries Book Repair Manual

CD Pocket

Treatment Criteria:

  1. A book has an accompanying CD and the two need to stay together.
  2. The book is such that it is ideal to mount the CD inside the back board.
  3. The CD is enclosed in a bulky, fragile, or otherwise objectionable enclosure, or it has none.

Materials Needed:

In thinking about what to make a CD pocket from, one that is going to be affixed to the inside of a book's back board, a lightweight yet strong material was called for. We make these CD pockets from Tyvek, and it works quite well for the purpose, as it adds minimal bulk yet is very tear-resistant. Its velvet-smooth surface allows for low-friction removal of the the CD from the pocket as well. We make these CD pockets on our Kasemake automated box machine, but they can also be made by hand, using a pattern to draw the shape out on the Tyvek, as shown.

Here is another view of the "cookie cutter" production method.

Here are a number of made-up blanks.

The blank is scored across its width with a bone folder at the point shown.

It is folded over double on itself and scored again at the point shown.

The edges are scored along the lines flush with the sides of the narrower back side, making flaps on the sides.

Double-stick tape is applied to these flaps…

…and they are folded over double and affixed to the back side of the pocket.

Here we see the fit of the CD in the pocket

Double-stick tape is applied to the back of the pocket…

…and the pocket is affixed to the inside of the book's back board.